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It all started with an abandoned house in Estoril, on the Portuguese riviera. I was exploring the rooftop of an old house with a friend when we noticed there was a crack on the roof tiles that allowed us to enter this house. Inside, scattered clothes, books, magazines, piles of dust and a handful of records: Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, The Nice, this sort of thing.. These were remnants of someone's life, someone we would never know except through these objects. The awareness that there is a story behind every circumstance, made us look and listen closer, more attentively, at everything around us. This is a feeling that grew inside me and reflects today in the project that became Golden Pavilion Music.

Today the label releases not only rare music from the past but also contemporary bands such as United Bible Studies or Vespero.  All our releases are fully licensed, limited, and whenever possible remastered from the original masters. We place extreme care in every aspect of production right until the record reaches your hands.


Here's some examples of project developments:

United Bible Studies "Spoicke" releases:

1) Limited Silk-screen & Gold engraved cover:

Cover design by madame bricolage:

Creation of iron cast: to fit the design:

Engraving process from arte no Livro:


2) Silk-screen & hand-numbered cover:

Silk Screening drying covers From Ofi Atalaia:


Creation of special handmade individually numbered covers using marbled paper, high quality, colour inverted paste-on image and leather bound backcover with golden engraving. Limited to 8 copies worldwide.


Bands interested to see their music on vinyl are welcome to send demos

Send us an email for details on how to do this: goldenpav (@) gmail.com


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