yann tiersen the waltz of the monsters

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La Valse des monstres (The Monsters’ Waltz) is the first album released by Yann Tiersen. It includes several pieces he wrote for short films and the accompaniment for plays in addition to original pieces. The first eleven tracks were written for the theatrical adaptations of Freaks, a 1932 American Pre-Code horror film directed by Tod Browning, and the last six pieces for the theatrical representation of the classic Japanese musical drama The Damask Drum rewritten by Japanese author, poet and playwright, Yukio Mishima in 1955.Only 1,000 copies were pressed when it was released in June 1995 by Sine Terra Firma, and then it was reissued by Ici d'ailleurs in 1998 in CD and LP formats. Two tracks, "La Valse des monstres" and "Le Banquet", found a wider audience six years later when they were featured on the soundtrack to Jean-Pierre Jeunet's acclaimed film Amélie.

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