WHEEL- Icarus

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“Outside these prison bars the world goes on / And in my darkest hour all the faces is gone” With such lyrics Germany’s Doom metallers WHEEL mark their return in discography with their sophomore work, “Icarus”, using as the title a name from the Greek mythology where the protagonist faces a tragic end led by his failed ambition. So, what have WHEEL to offer in their second discographic attempt, besides the heavy, emotional and old-school Doom Metal tunes that many bands produce with a steady rate nowadays?

In case you've checked WHEEL's self-titled debut from 2010, you should already be aware of their melancholic, traditional Doom Metal, their solid songwriting and the poetic lyrics dealing with death, dreams, love and loss. With “Icarus” the band seems to have taken one step deeper into Progressive waters, enhancing the mellow psych-ed parts as well, bringing to mind bands like WHILE HEAVEN WEPT and LAMENTED SOULS in a hearty blend, combining the traditional with the modern school of Doom Metal. You may consider Oblivion (There Is No Alternative) as too ANATHEMA-esque for your Doom-y palate, but truth is that once “They Do For Us” has hit the speakers, you’ll be discovering the SAINT VITUS guitar melodies, the COUNT RAVEN rites and the SABBATH-esque virtues these Germans deliver under a thin yet Prog layer carefully placed, carving at the same time their own unique path of Doom.

Sure, the lads from Dortmund do not try to reinvent the wheel but I think “Icarus” has personality, character and everything needed to gift you lots of gloomy nights, and please consider the almost RUSH-laden The Misinterpretation Of Kadar as the sonic truth of what I am saying about regarding the direction WHEEL are following. You’ll definitely enjoy the SAINT VITUS atmosphere, the solid guitar work and the doleful hue of Kurek which consist the main pieces of the 2013 WHEEL puzzle.