VANGELIS - Sex Power

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On this soundtrack-album, his first full-length solo-effort, all the future Vangelis trademarks are already there in rudimentary form. Not really so surprising, given the fact that around this time Aphrodite's Child were also moving from melancholic pop towards "666", a move largely due to Vangelis, musically speaking. Already his gift for rounded melodies, the full arrangements, strange sound effects, elaborate percussion, use of choirs and that Mediterranean touch are amply demonstrated here. The fact that it's also the soundtrack to an erotic movie can't really be anything but unfortunate (and a source of embarrassment to Vangelis nowadays), it was probably the only opportunity that happened to come along for this still virtually unknown Greek instrumentalist in France at that particular time. Certainly, the music isn't especially erotic (if there is such a thing at all), the only faint connection with the movie could be some African desert theme, but by this reckoning, it might have as well have accompanied a Frederic Rossif nature-film about rattlesnakes or something. Anyway, the movie must have been serious enough to warrant a special soundtrack, released by Philips in a gatefold sleeve, with even a single taken from it (although this might possibly have been a promo-single). All in all, more than enough to make this album plus single the hottest collectors-item in the whole Vangelis oeuvre, with some nice music to boot. Unfortunately, another Vangelis tradition, that of incomplete or non-existent credits, is also immediately started, because clearly at the very least a mixed choir, a female vocalist and an acoustic guitarist, all un-credited, can be heard alongside Vangelis on piano, organ, percussion and sound-effects.

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