TELECTU- Belzebu

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Jorge Lima Barreto and Vitor Rua were active as Telectu from 1982 until 2003. ‘Belzebu’ was their second album and was the result of live shows, studio improvisations and influences from NYC’s avant-garde/minimalist scene they encountered on their travels. Bringing this influence home, these recordings were apparently the first minimalist creations released in Portugal. Using drum machine, synth, repetitive guitar phrases and other electronic and acoustic gear, their sound on this record sits somewhere between the krautrock/kosmische musik coming out of Germany and the New York stuff - like a sort of hybrid ambient proto-techno minimalism that draws from both without ever really sounding like either.Highly recommended to fans of Manuel Göttsching's seminal'E2-E4'. Comes with a bonus CD with the abandoned first version of "Belzebu", titled "Belzebu 0", remastered from an original cassette tape. MINT UNPLAYED on brand new & great Portuguese label Holuzam Records