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Steve Morgen released a rare low-selling album in the late '60s, simply titled Morgen, that's highly regarded by some collectors, particularly those who like a sound balanced between psychedelia and the beginning of hard rock. Morgen sang and wrote all of the material, which was very much of its time in its overlong, sometimes clumsy nature. He was a closer-to-the-edge type than many also-rans who dove into acid rock, though, boasting "Welcome to the Void" as the opening track, and lusting hard after both women and spiritual elevation as furiously distorted guitars ground away. The feverish, sustain-heavy guitar lines seemed designed to melt wires, yet there was also some melodic hard psychedelic rock influence at work in some songs, particularly from the Who, as "Eternity in Between" made plain. Essential and definitely amongst the best US psych records of the 60's. MINT sealed on Replica records