Os Mundi - Latin Mass

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Pioneers of Kraut psychedelia.They were formed sometimes in late-70's, evolving from the group Orange Surprise, which was shortened to OS, ''Mundi'' was added to showcase what was going to come, a band singing in Latin!Original crew Andreas Villain (bass), Udo Arndt (guitars), Christoph Busse (drums) and Dietrich Markgraf (sax, flute) recorded ''Latin mass'' in 1970 (for Metronome) and presented a sinister approach on Kraut Rock with slight jazzy spices and lots of soloing/jamming.Outlandish vocals come in Latin, a project destined to completely fail, and the music is centered around massive electric guitars, background Farfisa organ with some elegant piano, folky/psychedelic flute and overall a combination of straight jams and dark vocal deliveries.One of the most psychedelic stuff to come out in early-70's Germany.Warmly recommended.

Music on vinyl label. MINT Unplayed