Masato Minami - The Tropics

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 "Born in Asagaya, Tokyo on 3 March 1944, Japanese folk singer Masato Minami began his musical career after spending a few years bumming around Mexico and the US and taking in the burgeoning beatnik (and related drug) scene. While in the US Minami saw one of Dylan's early performances and returned home to Japan to start a band. After the release of two singles (in 1969 and 1970), 1971 saw the release of his debut LP, The Tropics. For this opus Minami enlisted the considerable talents of guitarist Takashi Mizutani (of Les Rallizes Denudes fame) and bassist Haroumi Hosono (of Apryl Fool and Happy End) resulting in this incredibly rare example of early Japanese acid folk. Featuring bonus track 'It Can't Be Over'."

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