Madredeus- Electronico

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Combine near-classical arrangement with operatic Portuguese vocals, and you have Madredeus. Combine Madredeus with a host of electronic artists, and you have ELECTRONICO. With all remix albums, the final product is always the result of the recombinant elements. Theresa's breathy voice remains the center of attention. The new production adds even some melancholy to the tracks, and might attract new listeners to the originals.
"Haja o que houver" 'Lux mix' accentuates the melancholy and longing of the original with a floating and aerial electronic loops background. "Vem" gets a majestic string mix by Alpha. The strings and percussion climb hand in hand in intensity and passion with the vocals. Sunday Best version of "Ecos na catedral" is ethereal and contemplative. Banzai Republic washes out the vocals in a musical sea wave turning "O mar" into a haunting mermaid song. Bushemi proves with the "O Paraiso" 'afro mix' that Madredeus music can contain beats without turning into a dance track. Theresa's voice seems to float above the light orchestration.

SEALED MINT Double LP on Warner Music