Keith Law- Eyes in the wind

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"Keith Law is well known as the songwriter for the Velvett Fogg and the leader for Jardine. "Eyes in the wind" is a collection of 12 songs, all penned & recorded by Keith himself, between 1966-1981. All are totally unreleased. Keith sings and plays all the instruments (electric & acoustic & bow guitars, keyboards, bass, percussion and effects). Mainly acoustic album but heavy, fuzzy and phaser guitars are all over. A full of soul and deep feelings atmosphere vibrates the sensitive lyrics of charismatic Keith Law. Put it under the category of acid folk, loner/songwriter or mellow psychedelia, wherever you prefer. It's a true gem and it would be a pity to leave all these recordings shelved. The album also contains the first recording (1967) of Jardine's "Masochists of strangulation"." (Anazitisi)

MINT unplayed Black vinyl, numbered edition of 150 only