JOHN TERLAZZO- Honor among thieves

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Private psych/folk LP from Pennsylvania. This is on of the many LPs that was kept under wraps by the psych cognoscenti for many years, but has recently been getting attention due to its in inclusion in the Acid Archives book. I rate this at the top of the loner folkie heap.

Incredibly dark loner poet folk/rock. Very heavy Leonard Cohen influence, but makes LC seem cheerful by comparison. Even the one song that is upbeat, almost good-timey, has a dark undertone.

Terlazzo is accompanied on many tracks by a beautiful haunting female backing vocal which is often worldess.Several tracks have fine electric guitar leads (with a little fuzz) and solos. The poetic nature of his writing rather stark and often “esoteric” lyric images, brought out well by his rather limited baritone voice.

This is a perfect original sealed copy with crisp corners. Some of these sealed items might be slightly warped though, because of the time they have been sealed. Real deal for loner-folk seekers. Turtle Beach records