HAND- The other side of the world- (USA 2013) GP1022LP

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It has been said that a story isn’t over “until it’s over”. 2012 Golden Pavilion reissue of 1972’s “Everybody’s Own” by the Swiss/ American progressive rock band HAND, celebrating the 40th anniversary of that seminal and unique album, seemed like a fitting conclusion to a small but significant body of music. The reissue sold out within days of its vinyl release, and its success appeared to gracefully close the chapter on a short lived but notable band. And yet…no one, least of all principal songwriter and singer Marc Osborne, seemingly retired from music and a teacher for the past 22 years, and his founding partner Nick Zoullas, the remarkable harmonica player whose haunting playing anchored “Everybody’s Own”, could have anticipated the new chapter that was to unfold. In April of 2013, motivated by a group of accomplished teenage musicians and one teaching colleague who admired HAND’s record, Marc and Nick joined them for an intimate set marking their first live performance in four decades. The small concert, held in a school cafeteria in Hamden, Connecticut before about one hundred fortunate fans, was a triumph. Energized by the experience, the two founding members re-formed HAND with the core of teens who backed them and are the same age that Marc and Nick were when they had originally formed the band. Within a nine day window of opportunity, in June of 2013, a new album of Marc’s previously unreleased original songs was rehearsed, arranged and recorded. The result of these lightning fast sessions, entitled “the other side of the world”, becomes HAND’s second album on Golden Pavilion and heralds the most unlikely return of a band fully grounded in the present, yet deeply connected to its past. HAND’s current sound reflects the band’s roots in American Rock and Folk music, and finds its place within the thriving context of Americana music currently in great demand. Its multi- generational melding of talent and experience marks HAND as a singular band poised once again to restore its fascinating story