HAND - Pin it on the wind (USA 2017) GPMUSIC03LP

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Hand, the Psych Prog Folk Rock band originating from Switzerland whose extraordinary 1972 classic album, Everybody's Own, we reissued in a 40th anniversary limited edition in 2013, will release its fourth GP album since 2014's The other side of the world, riding a remarkable wave of inspiration after decades of silence. Each album has proven stronger and more vital than the last, and Hand's upcoming album, Pin it on the wind, may be its most astonishing yet. Marc Osborne's recent songs at various moments echo The Band, Neil Young, Wilco and other luminaries of Americana, as well as the Waterboys circa "Fisherman's blues", yet retain their own originality, sounding utterly sui generis. The title track, Pin it on the wind, is a nearly six minute epic exploration in three distinct movements of a shattered relationship that pulls no punches and rivets the listener. The fact that the band features a spectacular new female vocalist just sixteen years old, and that Hand's members range in age from sixteen to sixty three only adds to the mystery and power of this band risen from its distant past and firmly anchored in the present.
Limited edition of just 200 copies in black vinyl and 100 in coloured vinyl