FIRST BREATH AFTER COMA - The misadventures of Anthony Knivet & Drifter (Double LP)

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"First Breath After Coma has the refined ability to pack the world of post-rock right into regular-sized songs. Add to that a persistent need to explore new sounds and you’ve got one of Portugal’s most promising talents.

The band’s latest album, Drifter, was nominated for European Independent Album of the Year by IMPALA. The band hails from Leiria and has played in some of Portugal’s biggest festivals, Paredes de Coura and Primavera Sound. Internationally, they have set foot in Reeperbahn, Eurosonic and The Great Escape." Europavox
“…Cheerful to melancholic post-rock from Portugal. First Breath After Coma have just delivered a stunning second album called Drifter, that is much more than post-rock. On Drifter, a poetic dreamworld opens and songs go in an experimental, opera-like and, mostly, folky direction. Add some angelic community singing and indie folk bands like Fleet Foxes and Local Natives spring to mind…” Eurosonic Festival

“ … Easy post rock, a high level of melancholia and some very sensuous melodies mould into beautiful music. Their current album "Drifter" opens a whole wonderful poetic world. It contains songs like the experimental "Blup" or the two-part opus "Tierra Del Fuego", drifting almost opera-like with heavy drums and crying guitars until to finally float into warm brass-driven passages. Music for closer listening, getting down, dreaming and drifting away. Topped by the Radiohead-like vocals, that sometimes get almost anthemic…" Reeperbahn Festival

By 2012, they’d already won the Fade In Festival battle of the bands ZUS!, had been booked in Monkey Week, Vodafone Mexefest, Paredes De Coura, Bons Sons, had made it to the last round of the Thermometer Festival and were also selected as FNAC new talent and released their first concept album, The Misadventures Of Anthony Knivet.
In 2016 they have returned with the astonishing new album "Drifter" and have toured seven european countries."Drifter" was also short-listed as one of the best european independent records of 2016 by IMPALA.

First Breath After Coma are:

Rui Gaspar - Bass, vocals
Telmo Soares - Guitar, vocals
Pedro Marques - Drums, vocals
João Marques - Keyboards,vocals

Limited edition in a double set containing both their LP's:
white vinyl with debut album "The Misadventures of Anthony Knivet" & blue vinyl with 2nd album "Drifter" MINT SEALED on Omnichord records