Elder- Lore

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Is it possible to bring mazy forests and mighty mountains together in a single scenery? Oceans in movement together with motionless deserts? After the success of Red Album by Baroness and Crack the Skye by Mastodon, to overcome the distance between the dusty groove of stoner rock and the complicated architectures of progressive rock does not seem impossible anymore. Connecting the two universes, the psychedelic background is the bridge that Elder go through to move from the one to the other. In the five Lore tortuous tracks they do not realize any unpredictable chemical reaction, yet they are able to make really fluid the trip of their musical river through different territories, with an enthralling - yet at the same time brighty and imaginative - rock, which makes them close to the Italian L'Ira del Baccano. There are the whirling rapids of riffs and the uncontrollable splashes of “seventies style” solos, as well as the strong currents with whom the songs are finely built to sustain the melody without let it drown. The river never flows explicitly in the grandeur and epic of the progressive rock ocean, neither it looks with aloofness its majestic and romantic atmospheres, in this way going against the standards of the "sweaty rock”. The band from Boston dives deeply into the junction point of the two seas, without drowning in the intrinsic excesses of this kind of venture. Swimming back towards the shore they bring to light from the depths of the abysses a small treasure: one of the most passionate and exciting albums of the last year.

MINT Still sealed 180gr vinyl + CD in amazing Die-Cut cover