Artcane- Odysee

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Obscure French quartet who released this sole album at the tail end of prog's 'golden age', and then disappeared from the map. Sometimes reffered to as the French "Larks' Tongues in Aspic", no doubt thanks to guitarist Mlynski's Frippian style which (precariously) straddles the line between homage and plagiarism. Alain Coupel's synth play, however, is noticeably un-CRIMSON like and the band does show some originality and an obvious desire for experimentation; yet the overall feel of the album is still 100% KC, especially the 16-minute epic that opens the B side of the LP. Not exactly "the" classic some vinyl collectors would have you believe, but certainly better than your average obscure symphonic progger from the vaults. A very enjoyable ride only the most resentful CRIMSON fans would shun.
KING CRIMSON as well as fans of SHYLOCK and PULSAR will want to check the album out. Comes on Replica Records SEALED MINT