Deluxe Vinyl Edition
The House Of Love

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ARTIST: The House Of Love
TITLE: Deluxe Vinyl Edition
LABEL: Optic Nerve Recordings
CAT: OPT4.010
FORMAT: 5xLP + Box, Comp

STYLES: Brit Pop, Alternative Rock

MEDIA: Mint (M)
SLEEVE: Mint (M)

A1 Christine
A2 Hope
A3 Road
A4 Sulphur
A5 Man To Child
B1 Salome
B2 Love In A Car
B3 Happy
B4 Fisherman's Tale
B5 Touch Me
C1 Shine On
C2 Love
C3 Flow
C4 Real Animal
C5 Plastic
C6 Nothing To Me
C7 The Hill
D1 Loneliness Is A Gun
D2 The Hedonist
D3 Welt
D4 Destroy The Heart
D5 Blind
D6 Mr. Jo
E1 Shine On (Demo - Bonus 7")
E2 Christine (Demo - Bonus 7")
E3 Destroy The Heart (Demo)
E4 I Don't Know Why I Love You Like I Do (Unreleased Live)
F1 Love In A Car (Live)
F2 Destroy The Heart (Live)
F3 I Wanna Be Your Dog (Live)
F4 Shine On (Fuck Version)
G1 Shine On (Guy Chadwick Solo Demo)
G2 Touch Me (Demo)
G3 Real Animal (Demo)
G4 Happy (Demo)
G5 Hold On Me (16 Track Demo)
H1 Christine (16 Track Demo)
H2 Modern World (Demo - Alias Welt)
H3 Salome (Alternative Version)
H4 Man To Child (Alternative Version)
H5 Hope (Alternative Version)
I1 Love In A Car (Alternative Version)
I2 Touch Me (Alternative Version)
I3 Road (Alternative Version)
I4 Fisherman's Tale (Alternative Version)
I5 Happy (Alternative Version)
J1 Sulphur (Alternative Version)
J2 Real Animal (16 Track Demo)
J3 Little Girl (Alias Mr. Jo)
J4 Shine On (Band Demo)

COMMENTS: Superbly done boxset, intact, still sealed!

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