INDIGNU (LAT.) Ophelia (Portugal, 2016) Style: Post-Rock

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Three years after their Rock-Opera Odyssea, “an incredibly cinematic and charged post-rock experience” (The CD Critic) and “a success from start to finish” (A Closer Listen), indignu [lat.] is back with a new album. Ophelia, the latest sonic journey was privately released by the band in late October 2016 on vinyl.

indignu [lat.], recently referred to as “the apotheosis of Portuguese post-rock” (Post-Rock Essentials) has been roaming their country for 10 years now, but also venturing outside Lusitania; stepping, for example, in 2014, on the big stage at Dunk!Festival (the most renowned festival of the genre in Europe).

Ophelia is a double faced lady. A woman who went through a dramatic path of struggles. Two hearts beat in her chest, and just as she is a contrast within herself, so is the record, intentionally designed with two covers and two sides, both expressing her uncanningly opposite emotions. Compared to the previous work, this one is darker, wilder, and deeper, but also more free, a rebel. Just like any unforgettable woman should be.

An album made of “post rock anthems, equally immersive and epic” (Merchants of Air) sounding at the same time “so portuguese and melancholic (...) resembling Fado” (Echoes and Dust). There are “Two sides to Ophelia who wears her heart on her sleeve. She is vulnerable and exposed. We feel and breathe her. She is one of a kind and she is beautiful.” (Post-Rock Essentials).

OPHELIA IS #24 FOR Post-rock's Listeners choice BEST RELEASE 2016 - ARTIC DRONES.

​In a list of 50 names, headed by Russian Circles release Guidance, Ophelia reached position 24, right after the newest for Tortoise, The Catastrophist.

Ophelia is an experimental post-rock album with hints of shoegaze, delivered in a subtle and exquisite polarity of emotions that mirror Hamlet's Ophelia. Indignu give us a truly unique sound that revels in its own textures with moments of solar energy and unsettling darkness with lush heaviness, layered with majestic violins and an intriguing cinematic feel.

Limited to 300 copies in glossy cover + insert & 180gr vinyl. Pressed by Sony Austria

Exclusive distribution by Golden Pavilion Music