PENTWATER - Pentwater- (USA 1970) GP1021LP

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Reissue of the self-titled debut album by PENTWATER, a progressive quintet that formed in Chicago, 1970. Originally out on their own Beef Records, this is a classic US prog venture in the ranks of Yes, Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Yezda Urfa and Cathedral. As far as the music goes, expect a complex rich tapestry of sounds including electric violin, haunting flute lines, deep bass and guitar lines in the style of Steve Howe, as well as an intriguing structure of polyphonic vocals and extreme counterpoints. The album takes us on a journey of unsettling and rhythmic interplays to mellow acoustic textures of dreamy space-rock with heavy mellotron and organ themes, and dual guitars. A unique sound and memorable experience, reissued for the first time on vinyl. Strictly limited to 500 copies